Optimize & Automate Business Processes 

Using the Latest Technologies Available



This is by definition the core of what we do: Spyre Solutions is an implementer of business solutions for a broad range of organizations. Relying on our team of experts, most of who came up through the ranks of PeopleSoft and Oracle consulting  prior to joining Spyre, we have been delivering value to our customers for the past 15 years.

Be it commercial off the shelf software (COTS) like PeopleSoft, eBusiness Suite, Hyperion, OBIEE/OBIEA or custom developed solutions, Spyre Solutions is in the business of optimizing and automating business processes using the latest proven technologies. Our strength is our experience and our experience is a sum of the experience of our consulting team.

We have the lowest turnover rate in the industry and all of our consultants have tenure of 10 years+ with firms like:  Oracle, PeopleSoft, Siebel, and Microsoft or at top 5 consulting firms.


Testing Services

Mission-critical applications cannot fail! Even a few minutes of downtime can severely affect user productivity—and have an adverse effect on your bottom line. Spyre Testing Services help you perform both business and systems testing to determine if your solution will meet planned requirements, whether your IT infrastructure has adequate capacity to accommodate your anticipated peak workload, and also help you uncover software-regression issues when a software change is introduced into your system.