Through its lifecycle any business system goes through a series of upgrades to the newer version. This is especially true for all COTS systems line PeopleSoft and Oracle eBusiness Suite. Spyre Solutions has developed the processes, re-usable programs, scripts and other artifacts to execute these upgrades quickly and efficiently.

Our upgrades are centered around our Canadian Upgrade Lab. Staffed with all onshore upgrade experts we can offer our customers a very high degree of resource certainty, continuity and experience without incurring significant additional cost premiums as compared with the offshore model.


 Upgrade Assessment

• This service is performed on a fixed-price basis
• We assess all aspects and develop a comprehensive Upgrade Project Management Plan (U-PNP)
• We analyze all SQR’s, queries, application engines programs and component interfaces
• Fit/Gap analysis performed and changes between the new release and your current environment determined


Customization Retrofit Service

• Includes many customizations, application extensions, custom reports and interfaces
• Identifies and retrofits customizations still deemed necessary into the newly upgraded environment


Technical Factory Upgrade

• Performed in our Upgrade Factory on a fixed-price basis
• We update your PeopleSoft software to the new release version and adjust all your system components accordingly
• All customizations, interfaces, workflow processes, reports and data conversions are incorporated into the newly upgraded environment


Implement New Functionality

• Spyre’s PeopleSoft experts will evaluate the new functionality vis-à-vis your business environment and create a New Functionality Disposition Matrix
• This forms the basis for the implementation strategy for those new features that are deemed “of value” to your business
• We then help you configure the new functionality and integrate it into your business process


Testing Services

• We evaluate your testing requirements and determine what types of testing are appropriate for your upgrade.
• We then define the scope and the goals for each test to be performed on this project as well as the roles and responsibilities, test-case management, control points, and success criteria.
• The list below is a superset of all the tests that we can execute during the upgrade process.

• Unit Testing
• System Testing
• Integration Testing
• Parallel Testing • Performance Testing
• User Acceptance Testing
• Regression Testing


Post Production Support

• Clients who have limited IT support or those who desire extended knowledge transfer typically utilize this optional phase.
• The duration is flexible and we work with you to determine the best fit for your organization. In addition to our total upgrade service, we offer an array of targeted services to help facilitate your PeopleSoft upgrade


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With three completed PeopleSoft 9.2 upgrades in 2014, Spyre is currently completing the 4th Spyre Upgrade Factory upgrade. Please contact us at info@spyresolutions.com for references.

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