A complete range of Siebel CRM product related services.

Customer Relations Management Paired with a Plan Tailored to You

Spyre Solutions, through its experience with numerous Siebel initiatives, has learned that the companies with the most successful implementations approach them as a complete business strategy in which people, processes, and technology are all organized around delivering value to their customers.

The implementation of Siebel applications is far more than the replacement of one technology solution with another. It is an opportunity for change and a chance to identify and improve upon the processes that lead to business benefits and drive your organization’s business success.


The most common services that we include are:

  • Leading design workshops and build prototypes.
  • Mapping business requirements into the Siebel product to maximize benefit and minimize modifications to the core product.
  • Configuring the most complex parts of the application.
  • Team leading and transferring knowledge to the customer employees who will be responsible for ongoing maintenance.
  • Design and build of interfaces to other applications.
  • Working with customers to create low risk deployment plans.
  • Running complete projects (encompassing all of the above).

As well as providing complete project teams, we frequently supply one or two real experts into a larger team to inject extreme Siebel product knowledge into a project.

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