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Spyre PeopleSoft Upgrade Factory

Spyre Solutions has performed many PeopleSoft Upgrades in our 14 year history and we have become experts in this field. With the release of PeopleSoft 9.2, Spyre Solutions went “all in” to establish a Canadian offering that brings risk free, low maintenance, and cost effective upgrade options for our customers.

The cornerstone of our offering is our Upgrade Factory staffed with PeopleSoft functional and technical professionals whose primary goal is executing PeopleSoft Upgrades. We have made a conscious decision to keep our lab on-shore. Being local gives us a number of advantages including much more effective communication, resource certainty and predictability, ability to visit our customers on-site and execute effective knowledge transfer. We accomplish all that without incurring additional cost premiums over the offshore model.

How?   Re-usability, repeatability and predictability.

This level of focus and specialization makes upgrade projects run faster, be more cost effective and less risky and minimize disruptions to your user base and infrastructure.

We offer our upgrade services on a “cafeteria-style” paradigm. You can engage up to execute a “Complete People-Soft Upgrade” or you may choose to use us for one or more of our standard service offerings. Our goal is to be flexible rather than prescriptive. We can mix and match the way we perform the upgrade depending on factors specific to each customer.


Upgrade Assessment

The primary goal of Upgrade Assessments is to establish the scope/parameters for the upcoming upgrade. This service is performed on Fixed Price bases and is performed either entirely by our Upgrade Factory experts or as a combination of on-site consultants and offsite Upgrade Factory experts.

We utilize a methodology designed to rapidly assess the scope of the upgrade effort. SQR’s, queries, application engine programs and component interfaces are programmatically analyzed. The resulting reports are then analyzed to identify the required remediation and allows for a more accurate estimate of the level of effort to complete the upgrade. Comparisons of modified SQR’s are performed to determine the extent of remediation required.

Fit Gap assesses the various fits and gaps between the new release and your current business environment. This assessment is used to define the high-level scope of the re-customization effort. The following are considered during your business fit/gap analysis:

• Identify as many opportunities as possible to retire existing customizations based upon functionality delivered in the new release.
• Include both the online and batch environment, and determine your business needs for your PeopleSoft release.
• Identify the current business processes including online processing, reporting, and interfaces.
• Review the new release functionality and compare it to your current functionality to identify possible conflicts and impacts

Upon completion of the Upgrade Assessment you will have a clear understanding of the upgrade requirements and the tools to develop an accurate upgrade plan.


Technical Upgrade

The technical portion of the upgrade is performed of Fixed Price bases in our Upgrade Factory located in Ottawa. By definition the technical upgrade consists of:

1. Update your PeopleSoft software.
2. Copy any new object(s) into your database and adjust all your system components—such as application data, SQL tables, indexes, views, batch programs, and so forth—accordingly.
Additionally customizations, interfaces, workflow processes, reports, and data conversions are incorporated into the newly upgraded environment.


Customizations Retrofit

In a perfect world your PeopleSoft implementation runs 100% vanilla, but this is never the case. A typical install has numerous customizations, application extensions, custom reports, and interfaces that need to be addressed during the upgrade.

Spyre Solutions customizations retrofit service is designed to identify and retrofit those customizations that are deemed necessary into the newly upgraded environment.

This service is typically performed remotely by our Ottawa Upgrade Factory experienced PeopleSoft developers.
Additional Functionality Implementation
Every new release offers functionality enhancements. Our PeopleSoft experts evaluate those functionality vis-à-vis your business environment and create New Functionality Disposition Matrix. This deliverable identified every new piece of functionality and determines its possible dispositions:

a) new functionality brings value to your business process
b) new functionality brings value to your business process and allows the retirement of existing customizations
c) new functionality brings value to your business process but requires additional customizations
d) new functionality is not applicable to your business

On the basis of this deliverable an implementation strategy is formed. Spyre Solutions functional and technical specialists can help you execute on all steps necessary to bring the required new functionality to production. This service is performed by a hybrid team of on-site PeopleSoft functional experts and our Upgrade Factory.



Spyre Testing Team, working closely with you evaluates your testing requirements and determines what types of testing are appropriate for your upgrade. We then define the scope and the goals for each test to be performed on this project as well as the roles and responsibilities, test-case management, control points, and success criteria.

The list below is a superset of all the tests that we can execute during the upgrade process. Please note that the test types below do not necessarily run systematically, one after another. Different test conditions can sometimes run in parallel:

• Unit Testing
• System Testing
• Integration Testing
• Parallel Testing • Performance Testing
• User Acceptance Testing
• Regression Testing


Post Production Support

Clients who have limited IT support or those who desire extended knowledge transfer typically utilize this optional phase. The duration is flexible and we work with you to determine the best fit for your organization. In addition to our total upgrade service, we offer an array of targeted services to help facilitate your PeopleSoft upgrade. These services include:

• Project management
• Off-site upgrade services
• Architecture planning
• Upgrade planning
• Report remediation
• Online object remediation
• Query remediation
• Security planning Upgrade test planning
• Upgrade testing
• Post upgrade support
• Application training



Spyre’s Upgrade Solutions are designed to be successful regardless of the scope of your upgrade project. Spyre’s focus and expertise on PeopleSoft Enterprise applications gives us the experience and tools to help you upgrade your system using the best approach for your organization, tailored to meet your specific needs



With three completed PeopleSoft 9.2 upgrades in 2014, Spyre is currently completing the 4th Spyre Upgrade Factory upgrade. Please contact us at info@spyresolutions.com for references.

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