Cloud Strategy



Many organizations are considering whether it makes sense for their organization to move to the cloud. 


What are the advantages of moving to the cloud?
Oracle Cloud offers some advantages such as:

  • Standardized and simplified business processes
  • Enables your associates to work from anywhere – office, home or while travelling
  • Overall cost of sustainment is decreased


Spyre can help you do the analysis for your organization!
We will work with you to:

  • Assess what the Cloud might mean to your organization
  • Determine if it makes sense for your organization to move to the cloud or not
  • Determine what the benefits, drawbacks and obstacles would be
  • Determine an overall cloud strategy and roadmap


Cloud 1


Oracle Cloud offers the following products:


Cloud 2

Spyre Solutions can work with you to sort through these questions and can provide you with a full assessment, strategy and roadmap!


Our consultants will analyze your needs, help you understand the options and their impacts and most of all, we will work with your team to simplify how to get there.


cloud 6


Spyre Solutions will have you sitting on the cloud in no time!


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