Enhanced Support Services

Enhanced Support Services


Spyre Enhanced Support

Introducing Spyre Solutions Enhanced Support Services!

Spyre Solutions’ Enhanced Support Services provides in depth exceptional PeopleSoft Functional and Technical Support services to your onsite business and technical teams. Whether your organization requires daily support or just support escalation, we customize our services to meet your requirements and provide as much or as little as is needed.


At Spyre, we have specialized in Peoplesoft applications for over twenty years and our agents are all seasoned consultants who are based in Canada and have worked with numerous Canadian clients in both the public and private sectors.


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Our Support Services are Unique!
Spyre’s Enhanced Support Services are unique and very different from any other support services in the market. At Spyre Solutions, we provide custom solutions that are tailored to your system’s unique configuration and distinct business requirements, not generic solutions that may or may not work for you. We provide support services which are interactive and highly responsive where the agents that work with you are senior resources that have 20+ years of experience with PeopleSoft applications and technical infrastructure.   Although most of our work is completed remotely, where needed, our consultants are mobile and can be on site to work with you in resolving high priority issues, or to provide an occasional onsite presence to foster team building and partnership.


Spyre Provides Many Support Services that are Tailored to Your Organization’s Needs!

The types of support that we can provide includes items such as tax updates, system bugs, performance issues, functionality usage issues, configuration issues, general break/fix and business process redesign that promotes optimization and efficiencies. We work with you to define the type of support services you need help with and tailor our support package to meet your requirements.




Our Ticketing System Provides Quick Entry, Audit Trails and A Knowledge Base for Self Service!

The Spyre Solutions Ticketing System allows the users that you specify to log problems and tag them with various attributes including PeopleSoft module, general technical or infrastructure issues, priority etc. As soon as you press submit, the ticket is generated and one of our team leads is automatically notified of your support issue. Problem ticket resolution is addressed by the assigned priority but, in most cases, we start to review and work on your ticket within a few hours and keep you in the loop as we triage to an agent for resolution. Our agents reach out and ensure they have a full understanding of your issue and communicate with you frequently as they investigate and provide next steps. The problem ticket is updated at each step of our investigation, so a full history of steps taken is available on the ticket and is transparent to you.




In addition to adding ticket details and comments via responses to emails generated by our ticketing system, our clients are able to log onto the Spyre Ticketing System directly and can add ticket details, attachments, respond to emails that are automatically added to the ticket, or review ticket history. A summary status report of tickets logged is sent to your organization keeping you informed on the progress of each ticket. Contents of the report and frequency in communication are tailored to meet your needs.



We Understand Pressure, Urgency and Quick Turnaround!

At Spyre, we understand the pressure of experiencing functional or technical issues in a production environment and the urgency needed for resolutions. Where your issue requires a configuration or process change, our functional experts will provide you with the detailed steps needed. Where a technical fix is needed, our technical experts will provide the necessary corrections to your technical team. Spyre ensures that our support agents continue to monitor the ticket as your internal teams take the changes through the testing process and we do not close the ticket until the original requestor updates the ticket to indicate that the solution is acceptable and works for your organization.

Our ticketing system also hosts a Knowledge Base which can be used for self service and sharing knowledge within your own organization or across all our client organizations if you choose this option.


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Our Support Team Is An Extension of Your Onsite Teams!

We believe in collaboration and working toward the same vision and view ourselves as extensions of your onsite teams!


Please contact us and we will work with you to put together a Spyre ENHANCED SUPPORT SERVICES package that works for you!