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Giving Guidance to Effective Organizational Change Management!


In today’s business world there is one clear constant: “Change”. Let us help you reduce your worry…


Organizational Change Management focuses on a range of techniques and approaches that allow Spyre Solutions to minimize some of the negative impacts that change can bring. People are the greatest influencing factor on success of any business endeavor. This is true regardless of the size and the complexity of the project.

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It is Spyre’s core belief that implementing a software solution to an unprepared or unwilling business community is unlikely to achieve the desired business benefits. Furthermore, a key aspect of the Spyre Solutions approach to Organizational Change Management is to provide a voice to stakeholder groups (employees, customer, suppliers, etc.) within the project team, ensuring these stakeholder’s needs remain high on the list of priorities. In return, Organization Change Management provides “the voice” of the project to those stakeholders, providing a consistent and regular source of information about the project’s progress.


Effective Organizational Change Management focuses on the following 3 interconnected areas:





Our OCM professionals strive to understand what message(s) need to be conveyed about the planned change to the various communities affected and stakeholder groups interested in the result of the project/change. This understanding materializes in the creation of a detailed Communication Plan that outlines communication activities not only at the beginning of the implementation and before go-live but throughout the duration of the project.

We believe that the only effective communication strategy is one where the communication to the affected communities is frequent and customized for the purpose. This allows us to evolve our messaging to match the progress of the project and to control the progress of change.

Education and Training

 Implementations bring change and change brings opportunity for improvement. The only way to take advantage of these opportunities is to make sure that the necessary skills of the affected communities are adjusted accordingly and the employees feel at ease with the new technologies. In addition to the communication plan, a training plan is produced early in the project and outlines the skills improvement training and support activities.

We at Spyre Solutions believe that support in this context goes beyond the traditional training courses that focus on the use of the new system but also to institute a support infrastructure of colleagues and management who may have been more involved in the development and testing of the new solution and are therefore likely to have a greater understanding of how to use it.

Transition to the New Solution

The Go-Live day for any project is one that carries great excitement and nervousness for both the project team and the affected user communities. Our main focus in this area of Organization Change Management is to ensure that the implementation team understands and accommodates any specific business issues when migrating to the new state and that at an individual user level, the new processes are understood and any distractions are removed.




This is just a small sampling of the types of activities the experienced Spyre Solutions team executes that accelerate the adoption of change by your business community and ultimately results is faster realization of business benefits!

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