Payroll for Contractors

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Risk Free Payroll!

We Mitigate Your Risk. Ask us how.

There are several concerns clients should have in engaging independent consultants directly. Our payroll services addresses these risks, and provides a very low cost solution to clients wishing to temporarily augment their workforce with consultants or other temporary expertise.


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Paper Work Executed Between Contractor and Spyre:


  • Contains protection for  Gov’t regarding confidentiality, ownership of intellectual property etc.
  • Non solicitation clauses
  • Quality of work clause
  • Appropriate termination clauses


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Highlighted Service Features:


  • Rapid payment to your contractors (usually net 7 business days) – The feedback we get universally from contractors is that this benefit is worth the service fee alone!
  • Single point of contact
  • One window for  contracts,  invoices, payments, receivables, collections
  • WSIB compliance
  • One page SOW documents
  • Extensive insurance coverage provided (Prof. Liability, Gen. Liability, Non-owned Auto)
  • Painless renewals
  • Arm’s length relationship with the consultant (insulation/dismissal of possible CRA concerns)
  • Collection and timely remittance of appropriate GST/HST
  • Appropriate tax filing for all non-inc. entities, (creation & submission of T4A & T4A sum. returns)
  • Initiation & completion of security/background checks, if required
  • Processing of time sheet & expense reports with training, if required
  • Regular communication/transmission of o/s items to Gov’t  int. audit for review, if required
  • Multi-currency/currency risk management (pay in USD for US contractors, invoice in CDN)
  • Negotiation of rates with the consultant, if required

Note: A small pass through fee is required for this service


We have several large enterprise payroll customers. References and client testimonials are available upon request.  Please contact us for more information.