Program & Project Management

Project Management2

The Art of Balancing Project Scope, Cost & Schedule

Scaled Management Solutions for Projects Big & Small

Spyre Solution’s Program Management Office (PMO) has been involved in defining IT projects and programs for our clients ranging in size and complexity from small projects with a handful of tasks to transformation programs with profound organizational impacts.


In line with the core values at Spyre Solutions, our project management philosophies are to:


  • Work in a collaboration with our customers to achieve a common goal
  • Ensure pragmatic project management that suits client culture, maturity & resourcing levels 
  • Use our prior experience to maximize the benefits and minimize project risks for our clients


Project Management


The Role of the Project Manager

The fundamental responsibility of the project manager is to manage delivery of an agreed upon level of solution quality while planning for and controlling the “triple constraints” (scope, cost and schedule).  If a project is represented as a triangle, then the project manager’s responsibility is to make sure that the target level of quality is actualized while keeping the three sides of the triangle in balance.




Managing project scope, cost, schedule and quality is the primary objectives of a project manager. If any one of these components changes, then the imbalance will result in the change of one or more of the other components.

Managing the triple constraints to maintain an agreed to level of quality sounds fairly simple but in reality it is not and it takes profound level of experience to maintain this balance.




No Compromises

At Spyre Solutions we do not believe that Project Management can simply be learned by reading methodology books and obtaining certifications.  It takes a long time and many battle scars to acquire the experience necessary to effectively navigate the complex waters of IT implementations.



Because Program and Project management is not one skill but a combination of skills, experience, temperament and other character traits that come together to create an effective leader. At Spyre Solutions we only hire Project/Program managers with many years of proven successful implementations. Our screening process for the PM position is very intense and we refuse to compromise.